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Let's Export - Onions

iiiEM has started yet another initiative.

A Guided experience for Exporting.

iiiEM having successfully completed 11+ years as being a Premier Export Import Institutions, buy also has spread its wings from 3 locations in 2015 to now presence in 36+ cities of the Country.

iiiEM, more known as a "One Stop Solution to Export & Import" can now boast about exporting experiences with the expert support, mentoring, personal involvement and surety of payments.

In the "Let's Export" - a Guided Exporting Experience, anyone can join. Whether a participant of iiiEM or a lay man. iiiEM gives the  benefit to “witness” the entire process while iiiEM executes your Export Order. You are allowed to go to the warehouse for stuffing Onions in the Containers and you are guided for the sales of Onions in Dubai at Al-Aweer.  From Documentation to the Sales, all processes can be witnessed by the Exporter.

We at iiiEM, work in a transparent environment, all purchases, expenses, freight  and even sales, all processes and expenses are open for the Shipper.

iiiEM works on 5 Ss.

1. Sourcing & Supplying

2. Sorting & Double Grading

3. Shipping

4. Selling

5. Security - of Payment

These Ss are unique to this business of exporting Onions.

Onions, the most produced commodity in the agricultural market of India, and the most exported too. Onions from India are the best from Indian terrain. The World knows it as the "Indian Red Onions". Although Onions have its seasons, the crop is available round the year.

There isn't a Country which does not consume Onions. Hence Onions are widely exported. iiiEM itself also exports Onions to UAE, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam and even in Malaysia.

iiiEM has lined up buyers in the Countries it is Exporting, hence the sale & payments are smooth.

The Brand of iiiEM in Onions is now known in foreign market as "Manohar Onions". The entire container is sold off on just this one Brand.

iiiEM has set up its Offices in Dubai & Sri Lanka already.

This helps in transferring the Sale Value of Exporters Onions faster.


Manohar International (MI) Other Exporters / Importers
Established Organization Commission Agents
12 years of Exporting Experience Opportunity Grabbers
Quality Inspector Appointed N.A.
Established itself as a "Quality Brand Maybe
Own Offices in Foreign Countries - Dubai & Colombo May Have Partnered Operations
Bank to Bank Transactions May deal in UAE or S.L. in Cash
No Need for Buyer Verification Buyer Verification Needed
Smooth & Safe Transactions Questionable Transactions
Payment Security - within 20 days maximum No Such Security Given
Support During experience of Loss Interested in Commission only
MI partners in Exporters' Loss No Such Intention