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iSupport Day

Export Import industry is very different from the Domestic industry. Businesses run on individual strength and capabilities. Most retails & manufacturing businesses are managed by families or a group of close relatives.

International Trade is very different, here you need to buy or sell to a person or company in a foreign land, in an overseas market, of an unknown culture and above all an unfamiliar language! And yet you are keen to buy or sell from your very own land hence a professional support is inevitable.

One needs Support from the government, support from the market, support from the customs, and support from institute you learnt it from.

This is exactly what iiiEM, a decade old premier Export Import institute has done. iiiEM has always given a “lifetime” support through its helpdesk for over seven years now. In this era of consumerism, support needs to be more often, more detailed and more of hand holding. So iiiEM has started “iSupport” – anyone with doubts and queries can simply walk-in at the Ahmedabad & Surat Offices for any technical query for their export or import business. This free advisory day has proven to be a blessing in disguise for the students of iiiEM, as many could unplug the blocks to their communication or business channels.

Quoting of a recent example, iiiEM participants have traveled from Gandhidham to Ahmedabad, or Pune to Surat. Many came to find solutions for searching markets for their particular products, a few came in to ask for memberships to Export Promotion Councils, and still few came in to inquire for Trade Shows in Foreign lands and some came for import duty understanding too.

This simple gesture from iiiEM has gained more confidence in its participants. Moreover iiiEM gained mileages out from these iSupport Wednesdays – more participants flocking in, more faith and more word-of-mouth and ample of phone calls for personal appointments. These are not simple gains for any company in today’s fast moving world.

iiiEM’s After-Program-Support like, 24*7 Helpdesk, Weekly iSupport, Website creation, Business Internship Centers and International Travel with Export Import mentors are rare services.

We are around you – all the time.

Call for Pre-Booking - 7573001616 Call for Pre-Booking - 7575006036
Week Day Locations Week Day Locations
1st Wed Ahmedabad / Mehsana 1st Wed Surat
1st Wed Vadodara / Bharuch 1st Thursday Mumbai
1st Thursday Jamnagar / Junagadh / Rajkot      
      2nd Wed Surat
2nd Wed Ahmedabad / Mehsana 2nd  Thursday Aurangapbad / Nashik / Solapur / kolhapur
2nd Wed Jaipur / Jodhpur / Udaipur      
2nd  Thursday Indore / Bhopal 3rd Wed Surat
      3rd Thursday Pune
3rd Wed Ahmedabad / Mehsana      
3rd Wed Delhi / Ludhiana / Chandigarh 4th Wed Surat
3rd Thursday Kolkata / Bhuvneshwar / Lucknow/ J'pur 4th Thursday Nagpur / Raipur
4th Wed Ahmedabad / Mehsana      
4th Wed        
4th Thursday Bangalore / Hyderabad / Chennai